Book Illustration

The Nature of Cape Cod 2002
Beth Schwarzman
Sandra Hogan McDermott

" excellent guide to Cape Cod for anyone seeking to explore beyond the quaint towns and tourist shops." -- Northeastern Naturalist, Issue 9/2, 2002

"For Schwartzman, CapeCod's wild spots are one big classroom and she's eager to share her wisdom in a movable lecture." -- Cape Cod Times, October 11, 2002

"This is a useful field companion...-providing clearly drawn sketches, useful maps, and detailed descriptions of 50 sites." -- Sunday Boston Globe, July 14, 2002


The Worry Tree is Waiting 2014
Rebekah Prince Bergeron
Sandra Hogan McDermott

Through the pages of this book, readers of all ages enter the Great Garden to visit the Worry Tree. This story began as a guided imagery script that was used by the author to help her children relax at bedtime. The lyrical prose of The Worry Tree Is Waiting generates a soothing and relaxing experience for both reader and listener, while the watercolor illustrations connect nature and whimsy to create a place where anything is possible. Although crafted as a bedtime ritual, this book may be read as a stand-alone story or may be used as a tool for guided imagery.

Most of us worry from time to time, when that happens – the Worry Tree is always waiting...

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